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MAALL 2017: Going Off Book – Better Together with LibGuides: Course Companions

In collaboration with faculty Libguides can serve as Textbooks, guides for embedded course librarians and course companions.

Course Companion LibGuide

A LibGuide requested by a professor for them to use as a teaching supplement.

Image of a Civil Procedure Course LibGuide


How to create a Course Companion LibGuide

Work closely with the faculty member to find out what they want.

Start with the course Syllabus


  • Check in with the professor each semester to see if anything has changed
  • Need a process to check for link rot

Best Practices

Remember to create a "friendly" URL

Link to free sources where possible

Use images and thumbnails to break up the text

Don't forget about accessbility issues - Alt Text your images

Try linking to a feed to automatically refresh the content