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Education Law: Home

Education Law Overview

Welcome to the Education Law Libguide!  The goal of this Libguide is to assist researchers interested in education law and policy.   This guide is aimed at those who already have a familiarity with legal research.  If you are not familiar with the basics of legal research please have a look at some of the information below before you begin. 

Education law is an area of law covering legal issues within a school setting.  Areas include laws governing school administration and finance, student rights, student responsibilities, and employee rights and responsibilities.  Also, there are Constitutional issues concerning the separation of Church and State and discrimination against people on the basis of disability, national origin, race, and sex.  Education law is governed both by federal and state law.  Accordingly, be sure to use the resources in this guide to conduct searches at the federal and/or state level as appropriate.

Navigating the Education Law Libguide

Navigating this Libguide:  there are four main pages accessible through tabs on this page. 

    1. Home: provides a brief description of education law, general research tips and instructions for navigating this Libguide.
    2. Secondary Resources: identifies encyclopedias, annotations, treatises, digests, and books that provide commentary and analysis on Education Law and Policy.
    3. Primary Sources: identifies federal and state codes, case reporters, and codes of regulations that make up education law.
    4. Public Internet Resources: provides links to useful websites, broken down by state and federal government resources, education law legal websites, libguides on more specific education law topics (e.g., special education law), and links to organizations who focus on education law and policy. 

Each section will provide resources on state and federal education law.  For those of you just starting your research, we suggest starting with Secondary Resources materials.  Secondary sources will provide you the framework for a given education law topic.  Afterwards you could look to primary and Internet Resources. 

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