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Education Law: Hornbooks: broad subject specific books

Research Tip: Search by Subject Headings

If you are browsing or just looking to expand your research, try searching the University of Illinois Online Library Catalog by subject heading. Here are some subject headings that are commonly used to classify Education Law books.

Hornbooks: from nutshells to subject specific books


Hornbooks are comprehensive single volume books focusing on the law.  Education law hornbooks typically are primers or handbooks for a specific audience (e.g., principals).  These resources are good ready reference materials because they provide the general state of the law and some provide practical advice for complying with education laws.

The book is a nice ready reference for principals and school administrators alike, and would also be useful to those interested in the general overall state of major education law topics.    Chapters are broken down into different legal topics, which defines the law and cites to cases for examples and explanations.

For people interested in a more practical approach to education law, this book not only defines the general aspects of the law, but focuses on practices school officials should implement to avoid litigation.  Also included are tips in identifying and avoiding litigation, as well as recommendations on instituting policies and procedures that comply with the law. 

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