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Education Law: Annotations

Research Tip: Search by Subject Headings

If you are browsing or just looking to expand your research, try searching the University of Illinois Online Library Catalog by subject heading. Here are some subject headings that are commonly used to classify Education Law books.

Research Tip: Index Searching

Index searching is an effective way to find information for a given subject.  Secondary sources often have multivolumes, and for relevant subjects material can be included in different volumes.  Searching and finding the indexing term for education law can help you quickly identify relevant pages.    Be careful, though, publications do not use standard indexing terms (e.g., an encyclopedia might use education law and another might use schools and education).  For Education Law, the indexed term usually is listed as a top level index, with related education law subjects listed below in alphabetical order.




If you have a specific education law issue in mind, you might want to skip ahead past the encyclopedias, hornbooks, nutshells, and treatises, and check out an annotation, which is a resource that includes articles written on specific legal issues.

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