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The Law Libary and the University have an extensive collection of electronic databases that provide access to education law resources.  These resources are either limited to Illinois students and faculy or to Law students and faculty.  Still, there are many free online resources that include laws, regulations and cases.  There are also interest groups tracking the latest education cases and law.  These groups often have websites or blogs, which they list the current state of education law.  While these resources are too extensive to cover in this libguide, the guide will identify some of the major organizations and groups. 

Organizations with Education Law Resources

Free Legal Database Sources

The Majority of legal databases are limited to law students/faculty and provide access to primary sources and secondary sources.  Additionally, we will provide recommended databases for several database providers.

Educational Databases and Resources

Eduational databases include journals with articles on education law.  These databases also have journals that cover general education resources as well.  For a more complete listing of education resources, which includes primary and secondary education resources, guides, encyclopedias, and education statistical studies, check out the Social Sciences, Health & Education Library's Resources in Education or the Guide to Sources in Education.

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