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Self-Representation Guide (Illinois) - Assistance for Pro Se Litigants: Illinois Law Schools & Other Libraries as Resources

This guide provides resources for those representing their case in the courts. Content by Corrine Vogel and Michelle Hook Dewey. Additional content and LibGuide created by S.K. Van Poolen

Illinois Law School Libraries and Other Library Resources

There are nine law schools in Illinois. Accessing one or more of the law libraries' webpages may provide helpful research guidance for finding Illinois law. Many schools outline their public access policy so that you can determine what kind of legal research resources are available to self-represented litigants. Public institutions tend to have more open public access policies, while private institutions access policies vary.

Other libraries also offer helpful legal information. The Illinois State University has a useful guide for Illinois law. And some counties provide law libraries as well. In some cases, counties may provide computer access to various resources. Check your county's webpage for any public access library available to residents.

County and State LIbraries

Illinois Court Finders

UIUC Law School Standard Bottom Box - LibGuides

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