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Self-Representation Guide (Illinois) - Assistance for Pro Se Litigants: Illinois Primary Law - Cases, Statutes, Ordinances

This guide provides resources for those representing their case in the courts. Content by Corrine Vogel and Michelle Hook Dewey. Additional content and LibGuide created by S.K. Van Poolen

Illinois Primary Sources of Law

   A primary source in law often refers to the the text of            the law itself. 
 The law is made up of constitutions, statutes, codes and ordinances.

Administrative law decisions and case law are also primary sources of the law.

Primary sources are often part of a state depository library collection. 

  So what is the Illinois Documents Depository Program?  

  IIinois depository libraries provide access to Illinois State Agencies publications.     There are over 20 public and higher education libraries that provide access to the   Governor's Executive Orders, Legislative research, maps and annual reports as                                   well as various agency documents. 

                                 Find a participating library or learn more about the Depository Program here.

Illinois State Agencies

Other State Agencies

Illinois Case Law

      The Illinois Courts' webpages provide opinions from the Illinois Supreme Court and appellate courts from 1996 - present, Workers' Compensation opinions from 2005 - present.

Illinois Court Finders

Illinois Dockets

Illinois Codes & Statutes

Other State and Municipal Codes

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