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MAALL 2017: Going Off Book – Better Together with LibGuides: Courses with Embedded Librarians

In collaboration with faculty Libguides can serve as Textbooks, guides for embedded course librarians and course companions.

Embedded Librarian Definition



You can also add a link to a scheduling assistant like Doodle for one on one meetings.



  • Try to include truthful positive comments.
  • Target your comments to what the student is capable of improving.
  • Don't use abbreviations or editing jargon without explanation
  • Give a summary of the most salient points of your critique
  • Make sure the student know that you are not their copy editor.  They are expected to look for and fix mistakes on their own as well.

Privacy settings

During a course a professor may prefer to limit access to the guide.  There. are several options to control who sees the guide:


  • Public:  Available to everyone and searchable via various web crawlers
  • Private:  This requires a user to have the specific URL to access the guide.
  • Password Protected: A user will be prompted for a password before being passed through to the guide.
  • Internal: Guides marked internal are only viewable by those with LibbApps user IDs and privileges.