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MAALL 2017: Going Off Book – Better Together with LibGuides: Extras!

In collaboration with faculty Libguides can serve as Textbooks, guides for embedded course librarians and course companions.

Research Guides: WR Courses: Choosing a Topic

Resources for Writing 123 courses. For subject specific resources, please check out the guides by subject page:

Linking out to resources is often an essential part of a research guide.  But, lists of links can be . . .  boring.  Embedded in paragraphs or bulleted lists, there is nothing that takes the energy out of a good guides than lists of links. jazzes up the links a bit to give you a preview of the webpage.

Embedly makes your content more engaging and easier to share | Embedly

Embedly delivers the ultra-fast, easy to use products and tools for richer sites and apps.