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Code Critical, Current Issues, Legal Challenges: Overview

This is a collection of resources on a legal-related topic. Topics change roughly every month.. And older topics update if relevant resources become available. Design and content development by S.K. (Kayleigh) Van Poolen, 02/2017 - 12/2017


Human Rights

There are hundreds of thousands of documents, books, articles, online sites, discussions, blogs, posts, investigative reports, photographs and datasets that all address facets of human rights. The topic is a delicate one as often our nations are assessed and 

fall short in someone's eyes. This page makes no effort to assess nation-states performance with respect to their adherence to human rights and international law or treaties. The page merely provides a very small percentage of the available resources in the hopes that there is inspiration, discussion, and consideration of this sensitive topic.   

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There were so many resources and with the Winter Break approaching, why not add another topic.

 Data and Access to Justice

As the law grapples with revising the provision of legal services, others in the legal field have concentrated on the use of data in an effort to provide justice of varying forms. From analyzing election data to criminal justice information, there are many projects, centers and law schools taking that deep dive into data.

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Here is the Law Library monthly blog-like page dedicated to critical issues involved law or law-related concepts. The resources in these pages represent snapshots of library and other sources.  The idea is to post resources related to issues gathering attention and stimulate your brain in a different way. 

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resources listed in the Books sections on these pages are available via i-Share, which is the catalog listing for the Illinois consortium that provides access to a wider selection of materials. 



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