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Don't know your pincite from your parenthetical?

The Bluebook uses specialized terminology to describe its citations.  This glossary defines some of the terms you'll find in the Bluebook.  As always,  your best source for what a Bluebook term means is the Bluebook itself.  Check the index.

Glossary of Bluebook Terminology

Consecutively paginated journals: Paginated throughout an entire volume, regardless of whether there are separate "issues" within that volume.  Most law journals use this format. 

Full citation: The citation form used the first time an authority is cited in your document

Parenthetical: something at the end of your citation, contained in parentheses.  Often used to explain something about the citation.

Pincite (short for Pinpoint citation): used to indicate the exact page on which the cited material appears. 

Regional reporter: West's publication for state court decisions.  The Bluebook requires citation to these reporters except where you are submitting a document to a state court.  For more information on the regional reporter system, see Westlaw.

Short form: citation form sometimes used after an authority has already been cited with a full citation. 

Signal: lets the reader know the relationship between what you said and the source you're citing.  For example, use "see" to introduce an authority that supports, but does not directly state your proposition.  Bluepages B1.2, Whitepages R1.2

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