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Labor Law Guides

The Law Library has several print resources on labor and employment topics. Try the catalog for further resources.

Introduction to Labor Law

This Libguide contains information on U.S. federal labor law, which generally involves issues of collective bargaining between employers and employees, such as unionization, strikes, lockouts, etc.

If you are looking for information on issues between individual employees and their employers (such as harrassment or discrimination claims, minimum wage, overtime claims or similar issues) you may want to check out the Employment Law guide.

Here on the home page you can find links to the major federal agencies that manage labor issues as well as general reference sources on labor law that are available in the law library. If you are looking for the statutes, regulations or court or agency decisions that make up the primary labor law in the United States, see the Statutes, Regulations and Decisions tab. If you are looking for secondary sources, try the Treatises, News, Periodicals and Handbooks tab.

For a more in-depth discussion of researching labor law issues, see Hazelton's Specialized Legal Research. Chapter 5 covers federal labor law resources.

Finally, for research of broader labor and employment issues, try the Labor & Employment Relations Digital Library.

Federal Agencies

Labor law in the United States is a heavily regulated area; administrative agencies play an enormous role by promulgating and enforcing regulations and adjudicating disputes. it is important to be familiar with the leading administrative agencies and their role in U.S. labor law. Following is a brief list of major agencies with links to their websites. Other agencies involved in labor law enforcement can be found at the Department of Labor's website.

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