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Human Rights: An Overview

This LibGuide focuses on the meaning of human rights, the universal declaration of human rights, international human rights instruments and their monitoring bodies. Research and content developed by Oshole Imhoagene; Libguide developed by Grace Simons
There are several anti-trafficking organizations combating human trafficking in West Africa. These organizations are either global, regional or national. In this section of the LibGuide you will find several resources on these organizations.

Anti Trafficking Regional Organizations Combating Human Trafficking in West Africa

These anti-trafficking regional organizations combat human trafficking only in the states within a limited geographic region. 

Anti Trafficking Organizations Combating Human Trafficking within Various States in West Africa

Listed below are some of these organizations and their state of operation. Their sphere of operation is limited to the state they are located.

State Organization Selected Links
  • National Agency for the prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP)
  • Devatop Center for Africa Development
  • Child Right and Rehabilitation Network
  • Women Trafficking and Child Labor Eradication Foundation (WOTCLEF)
  • Nigeria National Human Rights Commission



  • Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice Ghana
  • Network for Women's Right in Ghana (NETRIGHT)

  • Association for the Promotion of Girls and Women's Advancement (APGWA)

  • Orphan Relief and Rescue
  • The Danish Institute for Human Rights

In addition to the anti-trafficking organizations listed above, Use the global modern slavery directory to search for more of these organizations. When you click on the link, use the search tool bar to find these organizations by either imputing the location or name of each.