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Moot Court Research Support


Lexis Advance Tips

Top right-hand side of the Lexis Advance window:

lexis top

  • Click "My Workspace" to view saved folders and your research trail (history). 
  • Click "settings" and "global feature settings" to set your start page (Research) and to enable/disable the "recently viewed" eyeglasses image when you're searching. Notifications are also set here (these apply to shared searches/documents).

lexis search bar

  • Searches default to your last selections
  • Choose from "Recent and Favorites" or select your content type and/or jurisdiction and/or topic -- note that you can choose from all three of these, to refine your search.  E.g., choose "Cases", then "U.S. Federal", then "Administrative Law" and search for the term "deference" to find cases on judicial deference to agency decisionmaking from the Federal courts.
  • If you're more comfortable with Lexis' traditional display of sources or topic areas, choose from the top right of this bar ("Browse Topics" or "Browse Sources").
  • Use the Source Browse to find specific reporters or journals or other titles (e.g., when you have a citation from the record or from another source).