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European Union Law

Official EU Resources

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  • Curia issues press releases summarizing recent decisions by the European Court of Justice and the General Court, as well as Advocate General opinions.  Curia also provides access to the full text of these decisions and opinions.

Subscription Resources

The following subscription resources require passwords.  UIUC provides access only to College of Law faculty, students, and staff.

  • Europolitics Daily is the information source of choice for professional observers of the European Union.  Published since 1972 in both English and French by the European Information Service, it provides thorough, objective analysis of all aspects of EU legislation and policy-making, from the planning stage to the implementation stage.  Most of the content from 1990 onward is available on LexisNexis.  Non-subscribers can access headlines and a limited amount of free content.  
  • Users of LexisNexis can access more than 20 years of content from Europolitics Daily by selecting the file name (EISENG).  LexisNexis also provides access to the latest EU legislative developments and press releases (file name ECNEWS) and to selected content from (file name EUOBVS).
  • Westlaw has a variety of databases for tracking developments in EU law, including the Bulletin of the European Union (EUBULLETIN) and the European Legal and Regulatory Development Index (LRDI).  Specialized databases include those focusing on EU competition law (ECLR); EU environmental, health and safety laws (ENFLEX-EU); and EU intellectual property legislation (EUIP-LEG).

Specialist Media Coverage of the EU

  • is an independent, advertiser-supported online media network that produces original reporting on the EU in 15 languages.  Users can browse current headlines, access in-depth special reports, and read interviews with EU officials.  Users also can subscribe to newsletters and subject-specific RSS fees.
  • The is another credible online media outlet devoted to producing original reporting and commentary about the European Union in English.  Coverage is divided into News and Opinion sections, a Focus section for more in-depth stories, a Video reporting section, and a weekly Agenda highlighting upcoming EU events.  Users can subscribe to the Observer's RSS feed for headlines and follow it on Twitter.  
  • is a Paris-based aggregator that compiles a daily selection of news articles about the EU from the "best of the European press."  Articles are available in 10 languages and are categorized by subject.  Keyword searching is available.  Users may subscribe to a daily newsletter, a variety of RSS feeds or download the Presseurop mobile app.  Although Presseurop receives financial support from the European Commission, it is editorially independent.

Blogs & Commentary

Blogs Focusing on EU Law

  • The European Law Blog highlights recent developments in EU case law and legislation.  Published in English by seven European legal scholars.
  • EUtopia law offers informed commentary on current issues in EU law by practitioners at the UK-based Matrix Chambers and by faculty members at a half dozen UK law schools.
  • CourtofJustice.EU (formerly the ECJBlog) is published in English by Allard Knook, a Dutch attorney specializing in administrative and environmental law.  The author summarizes recent decisions of the European Court of Justice on a wide range of subjects.
  • The Kluwer Copyright Law Blog monitors the EU's ongoing efforts to harmonize European copyright law and analyzes recent copyright decisions by the national courts of the Member States. 
  • The Kluwer Competition Law Blog provides a platform for practitioners and academics to analyze the latest developments in competition law (antitrust) in the EU and elsewhere. 

General Interest EU Blogs & Commentary

  • BlogAtiv is a platform for bloggers commenting on wide variety of EU-related subjects.  Hosted by EurActiv, the independent pan-European media network.  Posts are categorized by subject and are available in English, French, and German.
  • aggregates posts from hundreds of EU-centric blogs.  Posts are grouped by topicParticipating blogs are listed by author type (journalists, think tanks, NGOs, elected officials, individuals, etc.) with the language of publication noted.
  • Brussels Blog, written by correspondents from the UK's Financial Times, focuses primarily on the politics and governance of the EU, as well as on economic aspects of European integration.
  • EUobserver Blogs provides a platform for more than a dozen European journalists and writers to comment on EU-related topics.  Hosted by the EUobserver, an online media outlet devoted to covering the EU.  All posts are in English.