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1L Year: Resources to Help You Succeed at the University of Illinois College of Law

About This Guide

This guide intends to help first-year law students have all the resources they will need and use the most in their first year of law school in one easily accessible place. Many of these resources will overlap with resources that second and third-year law students will use as well as those used by practicing attorneys. In addition to relevant federal material, links are provided to Illinois material for the convenience of University of Illinois College of Law law students.

Disclaimer: This resource is provided for informational purposes only; not for the purpose of providing legal advice.

Guides to 1L Year

These books will give you a general idea of the law school experience and help prepare you for the next three years of your life!

They are all available at the University of Illinois (the individual library is also noted), or you can find them on a website such as Barnes & Noble

"The Big 3" Legal Research Tools

You will be provided with passwords to each of these resources by the end of the first week of law school.

Each of these three resources provides a searchable interface and access to cases, statutes, regulations, secondary sources and much more. Both LexisAdvance and Westlaw allow natural language and Boolean searching, while Bloomberg allows Boolean searching and has a default setting.

Legal Citation

Remember APA? Chicago? MLA? Well now you get to add The Bluebook to the mix (and in case you're wondering there's no citation creator, nor should you rely on Westlaw/LexisNexis/Bloomberg's citations. So get ready, you're about to get really familiar with The Bluebook, the way to cite legal material. You can access The Bluebook online or you may purchase it in print (recommended) from an online bookseller.

Learn It! Know It! Love it?

We have a research guide dedicated to learning Bluebook Citation

Tools the Law Library subscribes to on your behalf:

Google Scholar

Looking for an article or information on some other topic? Find a more authoritative source than a simple Google search by using Google Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Other Relevant LibGuides

Other great guides can be found from the Law Library and from the Main University Library