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Quimbee Lesson

Succeeding as a Summer Associate

Congratulations! You’re a summer associate at a law firm. This course will help you exceed expectations by doing prime work; presenting yourself well; building rela-tionships; and managing your time, workload, and well-being.

Online Research Guides

Introduction - Start Here!

Congratulations on finding a placement for the summer.  This guide is intended to supplement your first semester Legal Research course, and provide some additional information.

You can still use many of our library's resources, provided that you log in correctly so that our information providers know who you are.

Go to the Law Library page on the Law School Intranet, and click on the Law Library A-Z Resource List link:

Intranet Page showing the A-Z Resources link

Legal Citation Refresher

Here is a quick reminder of how Legal Citation works. 

More detailed citation guides are here:

Legal Research and Writing Guides

The Law Library has several resources dedicated to legal research and writing. Please drop by the library and peruse our Practical Skills collection.