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Summer Legal Research Tips: The Library After Graduation



The Law Library

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Law Library
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, Illinois 61820
Reference Desk : (217) 244-0614

Westlaw Edge

Enable your graduate access to Westlaw Edge:

  • Sign in
  • If you have not already enabled your access, you should see a prompt asking you to extend.
  • Click on “I agree” and you are all set

Not seeing the prompt?

Use this link:

What do I get with my extended graduate access?

  • Know How - Access to helpful sample documents and checklists with Practical Law & Practice Point
  • Research - Westlaw access to understand the law and find authority
  • Drafting Tools - Access to contract review, citation formatting and authority review tools with Drafting Assistant.

You’ll have 60 hours of access per month to the tools above, for 18 months from the date of you graduate, so be sure to extend today to maximize your benefits.


Lexis+ access is active for 6 months after graduation from the College of Law.

Graduates who are engaged in non-profit work can apply for Lexis+’s ASPIRE program, which provides 12 months of access to a combination of primary and secondary legal sources.

Please click here for details.

Bloomberg Law

Bloomberg Law access is active for 6 months after graduation from the College of Law.