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Summer Legal Research Tips: Before You Leave

Where are you going?

It's important to hit the ground running.  

Find out everything you can about the place you are going:

  • Do they have a library?
  • Do they have a law librarian?
  • Do they have a conference room with books in it?
  • Find out what they subscribe to and get up to speed on these sources now
  • What citation style guide do they use?

What to Bring:

  • Legal Research in a Nutshell
  • Small paper notebook or tablet

How to contact us here at the Law Library                       Reference Desk:


phone: (217) 244-0614

LexisAdvance Westlaw BloombergLaw Resources for Interns & Externs

Practical Skills - LEXIS

Legal employers are looking for practice-ready associates who can think like a lawyer on their first day. Hear new associates talk about the skills that helped them exceed expectations during their first employment experience.

Can I use my LexisAdvance Westlaw BloombergLaw ID?

It is your responsibility to find out what each company's terms are for using your student ID for work over the summer.  Sometimes you have to register ahead of time and them what you will be doing.  Find out now so you are ready to hit the ground running.


  • For live, expert guidance 24/7 -              (800) 543-6862 [menu option 1]


  • To speak to a Reference Attorney 24/7 - (800) REF-ATTY = (800) 733-2889


  • Help Desk 24/7 - (888) 560-2529 


Does your EMPLOYER place restrictions on using your school ID?